Troubadour bag

Since it was founded in 2011, Troubadour has become one of those brand names that is dropped by those in the know.  

Ironically, one of the reasons that Troubadour’s luxury bags, briefcase and rucksacks have acquired a growing army of fans is because their minimalist approach to design means their products carries hardly any branding.  

They also genuinely strive to make a bag for life and will repair it for life, if possible. The leathers, which are imported from Tuscany, are vegetable-tanned, using hides that are a natural by-product of farming, so it’s not only kinder to the environment but also extraordinarily durable and naturally waterproof. 

A new range, known as Technical Collection has recently been released and features the Adventure Troubadour Tote which has snaps at the side to make it smaller. For the business traveller with a keen sense of style it might be the best (and last) piece of luggage you’ll ever need.