Briggs & Riley: The Ultimate Bag for Life

Briggs & Riley's Sympatico Bronze collection

The right piece of luggage can last you a lifetime, and with the summer holidays upon us it’s time to invest in a suitcase that literally guarantees just that.

With holiday season now in swing, it’s tempting to carry on carting around the same cherished but battered suitcase that’s accompanied you across the globe for years. But sometimes the saying ‘unwanted baggage’ really does mean exactly that. And like plenty else in life, that space in the back of the wardrobe / spare room / under the bed (tick as applicable) could probably do with a spring clean too.

Briggs & Riley Transcend VX collection bag

When it comes to luggage, you really do get what you pay for – and those bags you’ve picked up as an inexpensive bargain may quickly fall apart at the seams. Investing in the perfect suitcase will ensure your holiday gets off to a flying start, and here’s where the Briggs & Riley luggage collection comes in. As one of the most popular brands, sold in over 27 countries, its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry is second to none.

A licensed pilot himself, Briggs & Riley’s CEO Richard Krulik has first-hand experience of what works when it comes to in-flight baggage. These high-quality luggage and business cases are so well made they genuinely come guaranteed “for life”. And you can return the products for repair even if they get damaged by an airline.

There’s so much space here: the designers have really thought outside the box (or bag in this case) and designed a clever compression-expansion system that allows each suitcase to add capacity - 2.5 inches to its depth.  The case then miraculously compresses your clothing, a process aided by a “clamp down system” of elasticated straps and clips, and the bag reverts to its original size.

As well as this clever concept, the company has thought carefully about every aspect of design, including its pull along luggage range that feature four highly engineered and smoothly responsive wheels, which have a 360-degree turning circle and make it a breeze to manoeuvre.

Briggs & Riley open suitcase showcasing the depth for items

The latest products in the new Sympatico collection, available exclusively at Harrods, include a carry-on, medium and large suitcase in a new bronze colour. Each bag benefits from Briggs & Riley’s compression-expansion technology, providing 25 per cent more packing space. And again, as with all its products, the hard-sided suitcases can be expanded before packing and compressed back to original size, which means no excess space for clothes to crease in transit.  It also means you can still take your carry-on-sized luggage aboard aircraft.

The Briggs & Riley Sympatico Bronze Collection starts from £429. And if you’re looking for a lifelong travelling companion, it’s worth every penny.