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Does your business need help to tell the story of its amazing products or services? Do you want to raise the profile of key team members, or broaden your audience to attract new customers and talent? We take your brief and listen carefully to your needs – and also your time and budget considerations. And then we come up with a smart, multi-platform content strategy, tailored just for you.

thought leadership & GHOSTWRITING

What do you want to be famous for? What causes are you passionate about? How do you get yourself heard and become a person of influence – not just in your own sector but across wider industries? A thought leadership digital presence has become very important for business leaders. At Meet the Leader, we brainstorm ideas with you and write them up on your behalf for you to publish on LinkedIn, Medium or your own website. And if you want to see them pitched to the wider media, we can do that too, in collaboration with our specialist PR partners.

Website creation

Today’s businesses require a modern, forward-thinking web presence to give you a unique voice and firmly establish your brand. At Meet the Leader, we work with business owners to create bespoke, mobile optimised websites from scratch on Square Space and Word Press, with all the whistles and bells, to ensure you attract custom with the clearest links and the best search optimisation tools.


With over 30 years’ expertise in print journalism, Lysanne and her team comprise highly skilled and award-winning editors, journalists, sub-editors, photographers and art directors. We’ve worked (and continue to work) for some of the biggest publishers, on a raft of major newspaper and magazines. These include the Guardian, FT, Robb Report, Director, The Rake, Luxury Plus, Yacht Investor, Sky Mag, Cosmopolitan, ElleGirl, Diplomat, Tempus and I-M magazine. As far as print goes, think of us like your very own A-Team who can create a magazine for you and take it from that first scribbled idea through the editorial and design process to the printers!


A well-written and judged article or blog is essential in an era where an infinite number of features are jostling for attention. Whether you need website or product copywriting, or a snazzy, eye-catching advertorial, we offer a bespoke service, taking an original brief or outline and transforming it into professionally finished, sparkling copy.

video production 

We offer full service video and animation to work within your content, offering promos, documentaries, event films and more. Our experienced filmmakers work with you at every step of the production process to ensure you get what you want and need.

Bespoke events

We specialise in arranging small events for leaders. From hosted breakfasts to evening salons and practical seminars, we look after the event from start to finish, ensuring you and your guests are well looked after and catered for, and can provide live social media posts and post event articles if needed.


The world is currently in the middle of a podcast revolution! Be a part of the fastest growing platform medium, to ensure your voice is heard. Our designated team can create podcasts for you from inception to going live, to help build your company and potentially usher in a whole new revenue stream.