Wellness Trends To Watch in 2019

Soundbathing treatment on a beach

Soundbathing treatment on a beach

Every year brings new wellness and spa trends. Lisa Stokes, founder of The Luxury Spa Edit, chooses three destined to be big in 2019  

Wellness Circuits 

You’ve heard of circuit training – now try ‘wellness circuits’, comprising an itinerary of events, such as hydrotherapy circuits; a sequence of health-inducing pools, showers, and waterfalls. Grand Wailea was among the first spas in the US to create these dedicated circuits, including various aromatic baths and a bubbling Japanese Furo Bath. Elsewhere, Kohler Waters Spa at The American Club also offers hydrotherapy treatments, blending cold plunge pools with ‘Acoustic Baths’ – music and sound vibrations. 

Sleep retreats 

Sleep was one of the main themes of 2018 culminating in the inaugural Somnex show in London. Relevant to us all, methods to improve our sleep look set to become even more sophisticated with special sleep retreats becoming more popular.  

The luxurious Peak Health retreat in Switzerland is the Nirvana insomniacs have been searching for. Here, wellness and ‘sleep hygiene education’ goes arm-in-arm, involving exercise and food combinations “to aid in balancing hormones, down-regulating cortisol, and up-regulating the detoxification pathway to facilitate a healthy night’s sleep”.  

Sound Bathing 

Sound Bath therapy involves pure quartz crystal bowls being played at different vibrational frequencies throughout a 45-minute session. The frequencies are meant to induce Theta brainwaves – ushering in the same state experienced during mediation or deep REM sleep. At the five-star Gainsborough Bath Spa, sessions are held in the Meditation Cave, which is adorned with hanging lanterns, allowing a minimum of distractions. 

This feature was first published in Luxury Plus magazine.