The World’s Best Personal Cinema Headset?

Mevo Plus video camera

Whether you’re traveling on a plane or in the privacy of your own home, this truly immersive experience will having you feeling like you’re in the thick of the action whilst watching your favourite Netflix series or Hollywood blockbuster reports Claire Bloomfield

Available in black, gold and white, with five hours of viewing time, and sensitive touch controls, the Royole Moon is the only device in the personal mobile cinema category to provide full HD (1080p) resolution. Sound is another integral part of anyone's cinematic or gaming experience and Moon's audio technology is second to none. 

Moon’s immersion mask – which is lightweight, padded and breathable to restrict fogging – has been designed to gently cradle your face and block out distracting external light. Although some users suggest overall comfort can depend on the shape of your face. 

Additionally, Moon is also the only device to have 32GB of internal storage to allow your movies and personal media files to be stored internally wherever you go. And as if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, it also comes with its own powerful operating system and built in WiFi to connect with most popular online streaming services. 

We’re also impressed by Moon’s patented foldable design which makes this personal cinema headset the perfect companion for the tech savvy traveller.