Pure Luxury

Bottle and glass with L’Orbe Caviar Vodka

Looking for a new vodka? The world’s first caviar vodka L’Orbe could be the treat tipple of the summer, says Ali Catterall  

It’s taken the white-coated boffins at L’Orbe five years to perfect their revolutionary blending technology, but they’ve finally cracked it: say hello to the world’s first naturally infused caviar vodka. The first in a series of naturally infused premium spirits, it combines the delicate flavour of fine French caviar sourced from ecologically minded Sturgeon farms in Gironde with the spirit distilled in Sweden by Master Distillers along traditional lines. As well as being the ideal drink to complement, well, caviar obviously, or any number seafood dishes, it can also be used for delicious delicacies, including this mouth watering scallop carpaccio. As the ultimate, refreshing, luxurious cocktail, L’Orbe can be served neat over ice, or made into a Vodka Martini with a uniquely savoury twist.