Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection

Front cover of Conscious Capitalism.

Whether you are an art lover or not, you cannot fail to be impressed by this eye-candy of a book.

Coming in at a cool $845 (approximately £660) this 169 page handcrafted limited edition time, in a luxury clamshell case, makes for an impressive coffee table accessory. But this isn't style over substance. Instead with a jaw dropping 100 illustrations including Warhol’s’ infamous Campbell’s Soup Cans and his Marilyn Diptych images, it digs dipper into the artist himself. Those not so familiar with all of Warhol's work will be enchanted by how this collection highlights some of his lesser known, though no less impressive, work.

The stunning book has been curated by Warhol expert and former Andy Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner. He takes you on an evocative journey through unique works that define the evolution of the illustrious artist.

The pioneer of the pop movement Warhol offers sharp commentary on advertising and celebrity culture, which remain so relevant decades after their creation.

And what of Warhol's career? The casual fan may point to the Monroe prints of the early 60s or soup cans a smidgen later. Here, as you would expect, Shiner enthusiastically reflects on the longevity of the Pittsburgh-born artist's career. Early works from the late 40s are treated with as much tenderness as Warhol's final works four decades later.

The quirky, less well-known pieces are captured-from paintings, prints, photographer, sculpture and film – to make this a timeless compendium of Warhol's artistic life.

Many of us may imagine owning a Warhol original but a full collection impossible. So here, in such a beautifully presented publication, there is a chance to at least wonder.

Leafing through page after page reminds you of Warhol's creative mastermind, whether it's the three dimensional Brillo Soap Pads Box or Dick Tracy in acrylic and wax crayon on cotton.

Having made a name for himself as the ultimate pop artist, Warhol’s work regularly fetches astronomical prices so indulge yourself in this masterpiece of a book instead.