Front cover of Conscious Capitalism.

“There was a time when fashion photography encouraged consumers to go to the store to buy that little dress spotted on glossy paper… things today are more complex”. So begins Paris-based author and editor Patrick Remy’s intro from this stunning anthology – one that from the off acknowledges the field has changed, then showcases some of its most cutting-edge innovators; the likes of Juergen Teller, ironists such as Sebastian Kim, and model-turned-snapper Annemarieke Van Drimmelen – true artists working within the new canvases of digital and social media.

Here are contemporary trends and new directions, exploiting the new media and its potential for blending art and commercial viability, while influencing the look of tomorrow. “Designers and consumers now aspire to and need a photography away from the usual references, as in the images in this book,” writes Remy. “Let us wish for a world that would be less bland. Back to the real!”