Go Wild in the Country

Scenery with tree. cliffs and blue sky

Need to rediscover the joy of simple living? The internationally acclaimed Biodynamic psychologist Fiona Arrigo is offering just that, with this forest retreat, REVEALS LYSANNE CURRIE

“I don't need no hamburgers, no takeaway… no strawberry milkshake,” sung Bow Wow Wow’s Annabella Lwin in the top 10 chart-botherer Go Wild In the Country – a joyously squealed defence of going back to nature – “where snakes in the grass are absolutely free”. Of course, that was back in 1982, when there were far fewer trappings of modern living to rebel against. Not like today, when the emails pile up in our inbox like snowdrifts, the news cycle spins ever more wildly out of control, and according to statistics, we check our smartphones on average some 55 times a day. Even more depressingly, we know it’s not good for us – but seem powerless to stop. What’s to do?

Well, like the hippies of yore, you can always turn on, tune in and drop out. And Fiona Arrigo, the internationally acclaimed Biodynamic psychologist and founder of the award-winning Arrigo Programme, is giving stressed-out female leaders the chance to do just that. For a long weekend, at least. In Somerset.

Focusing on “wholeness and humaneness”, the four-day retreat called ‘Back to Nurture: Wild Woman by Arrigo’ aims to reconnect like-minded women with their simpler natures and sense of belonging to the natural world, while fostering a renewed sense of community. As Arrigo says, “In these demanding times, 21st century women need support to reclaim connection”. Beginning in June, and to be held every subsequent month, the retreat will include such back-to-basics as foraging, campfire-cooking, storytelling, music around the fire, wild swimming, crafting, breathe work, weaving, medicine path work, drum making and Arrigo bodywork, as well as a sweat lodge and wild swimming, depending on the time of year. Accommodation, meanwhile, will be in the form of luxury yurts and safari tents, each with their own private bathrooms, log fire burners and an Arrigo angel. And it promises that those embarking on the experience will leave “with an inner reset and sense of personal empowerment, through increased trust and intimacy with life, self-acceptance and deep rest”. Which sounds wonderful to us. Turning the OOO on now . . . .

Back to Nurture: Wild Woman by Arrigo Retreat June and August Dates:

•           Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th June 2019

•           Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th August 2019

The Back to Nurture: Wild Woman by Arrigo by Arrigo retreat costs £1,890 per person from Thursday – Sunday including full board accommodation.

For information thearrigoprogramme.com/group-retreats